West Coast Live!

A wonderful culmination of the school year occurred this past Saturday when a group of students from June Jordan School for Equity sold produce and seedlings from their school garden at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. The students are participants in the Schoolyard to Market Program, a youth development and entrepreneurship partnership with the Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture (CUESA), the Green Schoolyard Alliance, John O’Connell High School, and Life Learning Academy.

June Jordan School for Equity student Valerie Guevara and Urban Sprouts Garden Educator Raul Hernandez were interviewed by Sedge Thompson on West Coast Live while they were at the Ferry Plaza on Saturday. In addition to discussing their booth at the Farmer’s Market, Valerie and Raul spoke about the impacts of the garden on eating habits, the importance of building connections with those who grow our food, and concepts of sustainability shared by farmers who they met. The interview will be streamed this week from KALW radio’s website. To listen, visit HERE, click on West Coast Live (at the bottom). The interview is approximately 10 minutes and starts 87 minutes from the beginning of the show.

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