Contributions to Urban Sprouts are investments in our youth and our communities!

Urban Sprouts provides vital educational support in our classrooms, with a focus on the intellect, on nutrition, and on the environment. We also promote food access and healthy eating in the neighborhoods that our students live in.

Urban Sprouts accepts contributions through our fiscal sponsor, San Francisco Parks Alliance (SFPA).

$500 funds a classroom visits by a garden educator.
$250 funds a community health presentation to engage communities in advocating for access to healthy food.
$125 covers supplies for a semester’s worth of classroom tastings. When students sample what they have grown Urban Sprouts’s research has shown that their attitudes, knowledge, and behaviors change.
$50 funds supplies for one cooking demonstration at the Mission Community Market.

Those who contribute $125 or above will receive monthly recipe and story cards from Urban Sprouts.

 Interested in other ways you can support Urban Sprouts?